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Check Your Email

Check Your Email

Tech Support

At ABC Communications, we aim to provide our customers with as much live support as we can. Sometimes your problem may be of a simple nature. Here you will find some basic troubleshooting information and settings to assist you.

For tech support, please call toll free: (888) 235-1174 or visit our Locations & Contacts page to call your local office. Our technical support staff will be happy to assist you. You may also email if your matter is of a non-urgent nature.

ABC Remote Control

You can allow ABC technicians to take remote control of your computer by going here and following the instructions.

Internet Speed Test

Internet speed test is available here.

Dial-Up Settings

ABC offers dial-up internet throughout Canada.  Customers can access it through a toll-free number. 

Dial-in number: 1-800-553-1802

ABC email services use POP3 type mail services. When setting up your email, you should use the following incoming and outgoing server settings:

Incoming Mail:

Outgoing Mail:

Outgoing Mail set to use Authentication. Port should be set to 587.

We do not use SSL on our server so that should be set to off.

Username should be in the format of your full email address. For example,

Netflix Viewing and Data Usage

Netflix is a popular application for viewing movies and television shows online.  This program, while convenient, does contribute to your monthly data usage. Netflix offers a method to manage how much data you may use while viewing programs.

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