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Check Your Email

Check Your Email


  1. What number do I call for technical support?

    Please call your local office first. The list of offices is located here.  If you don’t have an ABC office in your town please call our toll free number  1.888.235.1174
  2. What services does ABC Communications offer?

    • Kelowna - Web Design and Sales, Internet (Wireless, Dial Up, ADSL)
    • Penticton - Web Design and Sales, Internet (Wireless, Dial Up, ADSL)
    • Prince George - Web Design and Sales, Internet (Wireless, Dial Up, ADSL), Telecom, Business Cellular Sales & Service
    • Quesnel - Web Design and Sales, Internet (Wireless, Dial Up, ADSL), Telecom,Cellular Sales and Service
    • Burns Lake - Web Design and Sales, Internet (Wireless, ADSL), Telecom
    • 100 Mile House - Web Design and Sales, Internet (Wireless, Dial Up, ADSL), Telecom
  3. How many locations do you have in BC and when was the business established?

    We have eight locations throughout BC in Prince George, Vanderhoof, Burns Lake, Quesnel (head office), 100 Mile House, Kelowna, Penticton and Vancouver
  4. What business phone systems do you sell?

    Toshiba, Thinktel, Nortel and TELUS (see our Voice Link section on this website for more product and services information).
  5. What does it mean when you are a TELUS authorized cellular dealer?

    Not just anyone can sell TELUS products and services. TELUS selects only knowledgeable dealers who they know have a history of providing great service.  ABC has been a TELUS authorized cellular dealer since 1998 when it was BC Tel Mobility.
  6. What is Web Link?

    Is our in house Web department that offers a variety of products and services (see our Web Link section on this website for more information).
  7. Why should I buy my Internet from ABC Communications?

    We not only offer the only true high speed Internet in many rural areas through the province, we also offer urban high speed through the ADSL network throughout BC.  Our prices are often better than other providers and we have local staff members that are here to assist you if anything ever does go wrong.  We are able to get the telephone company to react quickly in the event of an outage where the lines are involved and we can get a new modem in your hands on the same day in most cases if anything happens to yours.
  8. What is Wireless Internet?

    Wireless Internet is generally used to describe any type of Internet data transfer over radio waves.  A wireless router inside your house typically operates within the 2.4 GHz spectrums (for example to deliver the data).  ABC uses a number of different spectrums including the 3.5 GHz and 3.65 GHz licensed spectrums to deliver our rural high-speed wireless.  We typically install a transmitter on a tower in a high geographic area overlooking a neighborhood.  From there we install receivers on the outside of the house to pick up those radio waves. That receiver will then provide the Internet to your computer or your own wireless router.
  9. What is the largest email attachment I can send?

  • The largest email total size for outgoing on our system is 20 MBs. This includes the body of the email and all            attachments included. If you are having trouble sending an email due to size restrictions consider splitting the attachments into multiple emails.