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Founded as a supplier of office phone systems in 1989, ABC was one of the first companies to offer internet services in British Columbia.  With a head office in Quesnel, this family-owned business has grown into BC’s largest privately held telecommunications solution provider.

Our private network includes over 175 broadband broadcast sites across the province, stretching from the US border to northern BC.  ABC’s Fibre backbone links over 30 cities to centres in Prince George and Vancouver.

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Connecting With You

We were the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to bring the internet to over 100 communities in BC, initially through dial-up and then a broadband wireless network.  ABC holds a 3.5 GHz licensed wireless spectrum in much of BC and is a leader in LTE radio technology. We also provide DSL and Fibre Optics to small and enterprise-level businesses.  
ABC is a trusted supplier to the BC government and connects offices and schools throughout the province, helping to bridge the Digital Divide.

Leading edge telecom technology helps us:

  • Provide BC businesses with multi-site connections to reduce communication costs
  • Deploy state-of-the-art IP – PBX Telephone Systems
  • Deliver last-mile connectivity to First Nations communities
  • Bring broadband services to thousands of BC homes