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Check Your Email

Check Your Email

Vanderhoof - Internet Service Provider

ABC entered the Vanderhoof area in 2011 with the purchase of Hwy 16 Internet, giving ABC an existing wireless footprint and a new office downtown.  ABC has invested in the infrastructure in the area.  In 2015, we launched our LTE system off Sinkut Mountain.  The area now boasts our highest wireless speeds, and ADSL and fibre services in Vanderhoof itself. 

Our office is open by appointment. Please call ahead as our staff is often in the field helping customers.


102-139 East 1st Street
Box 2696
Vanderhoof, BC
V0J 3A0

Phone: (250) 567-4819
Toll Free: (888) 235-1174

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: By appointment
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed