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Lumby, B.C., February, 2020 – ABC Communications (, one of British Columbia’s largest privately held internet service providers, recently completed a project deploying fixed 4G LTE Internet services to Cherryville. The projects led by Falko Kadenbach, vice president of ABC Communications, were made possible with the support of the Province of British Columbia and ABC Communications.  

The project was started in the summer of 2019 and was completed in the fall of 2019, providing network improvements to a large part of Cherryville.

The project criteria set by the provincial government was to supply 50 Mbps services to these communities. ABC Communications is committed to supply up to 50 Mbps services as part of its project scope. ABC expects that these LTE systems will be upgradeable into the future through software feature releases allowing for even faster services in the future.

Kadenbach added, “Once we complete projects like these and commission the systems with 50 Mbps service packages. It’s a real jump for the regions and we expect that the residents will be very happy with the new services. Our fixed wireless services differ from other terrestrial service because they are built to deliver more dedicated services to the user. These services paired with our Voice and TV solution provide our customers a total package.

In December of 2020, ABC was successful in their application to bring their Lumby network up to the 50 Mbps speeds. Kadenbach adds that, “this project will begin taking shape in March and will be completed by this time next year if not earlier”. 

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ABC Communications is one of B.C.’s premiere internet service and communications solutions providers. ABC is celebrating 30 years in business in 2019.  From humble beginnings in business phone systems they now can boast the largest privately owned internet network in B.C.   With customers in every region of the Province they have grown to become a true B.C. success story.  They offer Fixed Wireless over LTE, Cable and DSL Internet, Business and Residential voice solutions and IPTV services.  Visit for the full product suite

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