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ABC Communications

ABC Communication Brings 4G Services To Wells

As you are probably aware the community of Wells has been suffering from a network capacity issue - There simply is not enough bandwidth on the current fibre backbone connection that ABC has in place currently feeding the community. The Connecting British Columbia Agreement has recently made it possible for ABC communications to upgrade this Fibre backhaul. Falko Kadenbach, Vice President of ABC Communications, has been working with Network BC  and TELUS to upgrade  the service to 30Mbps to alleviate the capacity issues.   The order for this new circuit was done in February and is currently awaiting completion.  TELUS has indicated that it should be done in June.  Falko is pressing for a sooner date as this is an important issue and needs addressing as soon as possible.

ABC is committed to the community of Wells and that is why with the addition of the 30Mbps fibre backbone, they are going to be upgrading the services distribution technologies to provide Wells with 4G LTE.  4G is the short name for fourth-generation wireless that will enable high speed connections to allow improved IP-based voice, data, gaming services and high quality streamed multimedia.

Once they have completed the necessary network infrastructure upgrades, they will be upgrading all the current subscribers to the new 4G LTE Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) at no additional charge. In most cases the new 4G modems will be an indoor modem so there will be no new equipment to install on the outside of your home or business.

Falko has indicated that work on this portion of the upgrade has already started and will continue, so that it is ready when the fibre backhaul upgrades are completed.

ABC Communications would like to urge customers to be patient as these upgrades take time and require a great deal of cooperation with downstream partners to complete .

ABC Communications 4G packages will include new speed offerings including 5 Mbps capable services.  

For further information regarding upgrades to the community please contact ABC Communications at (250) 992-1230 or (866) 413-9995