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ABC Communications

ABC Communications Launches LTE Internet in Vanderhoof Region

Internet service for the rural residents of the Vanderhoof area has been a challenge over the years.  Due to the sparse population in many areas the business model hasn’t attracted conventional ADSL or Cable providers to reach outside of the main city centre.  Local company Hwy 16 Internet was started in response to this need and was able to launch services to allow early internet users to gain similar access to their urban cousins.   Upgrading and investing in newer technology is an expensive undertaking for a smaller company so in 2011 it was sold to larger regional provider ABC Communications.

ABC Communications started in Quesnel in 1989 and has grown to a Provincial organization.  Company founder Bob Allen took the company from computer repair shop through dial up internet to BC’s largest provider of rural Wireless Internet.  They service a region from Osoyoos, up through the Central Interior and West to Terrace. 

ABC Communications has spent the past 4 years reinvesting in the Vanderhoof area network with the addition of new equipment on both Sinkut and Fraser Mountains.  Wireless is the best technology to reach residents in rural areas as the distances between homes are not practical for traditional copper wired connections.

Internet users have had a continued desire to do more with their connections over time and that has resulted in an explosion of internet speed and data requirements.  Video streaming services like Netflix and Shomi are very popular but require fast connections.  That has meant a need for even better wireless equipment.  ABC has recently made that investment by launching one of the first TD-LTE fixed wireless systems in Canada.

LTE or Long Term Evolution as it’s known is the latest technology used to transmit data wirelessly. It has been adopted by cell phone providers across the planet as the standard and all major carriers in Canada use it today.  LTE technology has been prohibitively expensive for smaller carriers until recently when a new enterprise version of the equipment reached the market in early 2014.  ABC was the first smaller carrier to launch with their installation in Quesnel last Winter.

ABC was happy to report that the types of speeds and coverage were better than they had predicted. “When we read about what this technology was capable of we were cautiously optimistic; we are happy to report that it exceeded our expectations.” gushed Chris Allen, President.

“We were able to launch and deliver a 10Mbps package with coverage to many areas that previously could not receive a signal. In fact almost everywhere in a 30km range from our transmitter can now receive service.” 

LTE Solutions VanderhoofABC plans on launching even faster service later this year for those who really need the fastest speeds available. That  service will be an improvement on what is available in town today with ADSL and Cable offerings.

ABC has chosen Huawei Canada as a partner due to   Huawei’s position as a global leader. With network deployments across Europe, Asia and Latin America, Huawei is a leader in wireless and network technology. Huawei’s LTE product is an industry standard, and is used by carriers worldwide. "Over the past year, telecom operators have embraced this innovative technology to deliver wireless telecommunications equal or better than traditional wire line services," Sean Yang, president of Huawei Canada said.

The availability of broadband Internet in BC’s rural areas is an important part of bridging the digital divide in Canada. High-speed connectivity is a key economic driver in rural communities, bringing rural-based businesses closer to their existing markets, and enabling access to new markets. The social benefits to communities are significant: families and youth benefit from the access to academic resources; professionals benefit from the increased ease of doing business and access to training; and the community as a whole benefits as existing residents choose to stay once they need not decide between a rural lifestyle and Internet access.

“The communities we service see tangible benefits from high-speed access every day,” said Falko Kadenbach, Vice-President of ABC Communications. “Their only complaint is that they want faster speeds. With the new LTE network, we can deliver those speeds.”

ABC’s new LTE transmitter servicing the Vanderhoof area is perfectly situated on Sinkut Mountain and transmits reliably to a distance of 30 kms. If you previously were unable to receive service from ABC’s transmitters it would be worth checking with them again.  If you are in a rural area and looking for an improvement on your current internet service or doing without internet service contact them today at 1 866 413 9995 or via their website to find out more information on this exciting new service for the area.

 Vanderhoof Omineca Express - March 25, 2015