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ABC Communications

Rural High-Speed Internet Providers Release Joint Statement in Response to Industry Canada Announcement Regarding 3500 MHz Spectrum Allocation

TORONTO, Dec. 18, 2014 /CNW/ - The following is a statement issued by Canada's rural high-speed internet providers, including:

  • ABC Communications
  • CCI Wireless
  • I-NetLink Wireless
  • NetSet Communications
  • RhiCom Networks Inc.
  • Sogetel Inc.
  • Xplornet Communications Inc.
  • YourLink Inc.

Today Canada's rural wireless Internet service providers (ISPs) applauded Industry Minister James Moore for his consultative approach on rural broadband policy. The new consultation paper released today has emphasized the importance of sustainable Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to rural Internet in Canada.

This follows Minister Moore's assurance to the House of Commons that "Under no circumstances will our government take spectrum licenses away from any local Internet service provider that is providing Internet service to rural Canadians".

The approach taken facilitates the introduction of mobile services in 3500 MHz band as well as ensuring rural wireless ISPs will have the ability to provide services to rural Canadians for decades to come. This allows Industry Canada to balance the needs of industry participants in order to best serve Canadians.