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ABC Communications | Mascon by TELUS

Why ABC?

Amazing Service at an affordable price!

We provide BC residents with reliable, high-speed voice and Internet connections.

Our customer base is varied and valued. What residential, business, non-profit or government, customers want speed and dependability for their voice, video, data storage and entertainment needs.

From urban centres to remote locations, ABC's staff is happy to help you find the best solutions. Tap into our award-winning customer service and expertise.

Our network Operations Centres in Vancouver and Prince George are strategically located to provide redundant connectivity throughout BC. We thrive on deploying and supporting complex networks and support thousands of customers. 

We would like to learn about your specific needs and challenges.

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A team dedicated to your success

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At ABC, your get friendly, knowledgeable and reliable people focused on giving you the best personalized service and products.

We take pride in a job well done. Our 40 + staff members are happy to help you with your business and residential needs throughout BC.