ABC Communications

Customer testimonials

Kimberly G - We had Sean come out to install our urban wireless internet yesterday. He was fast, did a tidy job, and was very helpful and patient with helping me program my own router. Our signal is strong and speeds are great. Thank you to Sean and Kara in the Prince George office for everything.

Bernie F -WOW! Excellent service period! We were with a different rubbish company that we had to cancel. Now thanks to ABC we are completely entertained at a really great price!!!!

Lesli F - ABC is great. They are super nice and treat their customers well.

E Hatt - I have had this service for six years, the best consistent service and staff. Thanks.

Terry E -  "We recently requested internet support and technician Sean Logan was sent to help us. I just wanted to express our sincerest thanks for Sean's efficient and friendly service.  We are very happy and impressed with his knowledge and service and will recommend ABC, and Sean to our friends and neighborhood here at Cluculz Lake."

Kristin T - "ABC has the best customer care I have ever experienced. Prompt, courteous, and always helpful."

Leon H - "ABC Communications is fantastic! I have had other ISP in the past but nothing compares to excellent service I receive with ABC. Great customer support team!"

Brenda S - "I can’t say enough good things about ABC Communications! There was an unusual amount of data used one month, BIG difference on our bill. Not only did ABC recognize this, THEY called me to see what happened so that I wasn’t slammed with extra fees again. They changed my plan to suit our needs and it didn’t cost me anything extra!! I know first hand that there is no way any of the big competitors would even come close to this level of customer service."

Kailey P - "We have been with ABC for 4 years now, I am blown away by there customer service. I can speak to the same person when dealing with my bill. This builds a great customer relationship and the number one reason I stay with them. My one complaint would be that our service does go out a few times a month but it’s usually fixed within a day. And no unlimited packages yet. Overall I am super happy with ABC."

Patsy M P - "We have been with ABC for 10 years. I have found their service prompt and courteous. Last month I spent with my grieving mother and consequently not able to monitor the internet usage. I was left with a massive overage bill. I spoke to Yolanda and explained the situation. She retroactively changed the package to cover the MB used. It saved us hundreds of dollars. I am so relieved and thankful for your great kindness, Yolanda. I would recommend ABC to anyone."

Heather H - "Just switched to ABC, so far have had great customer service, wonderful communication and way better internet."

Darnell H - "Shaun Logan came to install into our house. Great guy, great help, more then a lending hand. Very recommended!"

Jennifer H - "Over 15 years of fast, excellent service. Thanks ABC!"

Wade B - "Very helpful staff."

Colleen M - "I had the pleasure of having a Very Knowledgable - Courteous young man Jeff Hermiston fix my internet.....I will tell everyone who wants a superior job completed by Jeff Hermiston that he is the best! Thank you Jeff and ABC Communications."

Bob J - "Friendly and helpful."

Mr.R - "CE0 was very professional with my complaint when first getting the service going. Other than that, everything has been great. Customer service follows up and does whatever they can to resolve the issue! Their internet service is consistent and the prices are very competitive! I recommend their internet service!"

Jonathon B - "Great isp, good customer service, excellent pricing. Not Shaw or Telus!"

Jeff P - "I have worked with ABC Communications for over 13 years at various times as an employee, a customer, and a supplier. They have always been professional, reliable, and trustworthy. If you are looking for a quality local company for your communications needs, ABC is it!"

Wilhelmina V - "Great service and staff!"

Sheryl E - "Great customer service! Very knowledgeable about cell phones and Internet."

Farhan S - "Good Service with great customer support!"

Steve St. O - "Great ISP!"

Eva C - "Fantastic price, great savings even after the promotional offers and excellent customer service!"