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Fibre Link is ABC’s flagship connectivity product. Fibre optics are the world’s leading technology for delivering high speed, low latency with extremely high uptime. Unbeatable service characteristics make this the choice for enterprise businesses.  ABC partners with national carriers to provide connectivity and private layer 2 connections to virtually any address in BC.

- Synchronous speed in both directions

     - Expandable from 10 Mbps - 10 Gbps

     - Large Data included

     - National carrier partners allow for fast support and high uptime

     - Competitive pricing. ABC shops hard on your behalf to make

       sure you are getting the best pricing available at your location.



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Sample Pricing                             Get a Quote

100 Mbps

Unlimited Data

$900 per month

1000 Mbps

Unlimited Data

$1300 per month

10000 Mbps

Unlimited Data

$2500 per month

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Your Business 
Deserves More

ABC can provide Internet access throughout BC.

We offer Cable, DSL, Wireless and Fibre optic connections up to 10Gbps