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We sell and support Mitel Phones at ABC. We used them at the 2015 Canada Winter Games. We do also allow for integration with 3rd Party SIP VoIP phones, if they have been approved for use on our network. Not all phones are created equally, and we have spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that we only sell and support devices that we can stand behind.

Executive: Aastra 6869i

The Mitel Aastra 6869i is a color touchscreen phone, with a vibrant display, Gigabit ethernet, HD Voice capabilities. It provides wideband audio on handset and speakerphone and supports headsets as well expansion consoles. This is an excellent phone that is often picked by Executive staff.

Mitel excutive Phone.png

Mitel Aastra 6867.png

Standard Desk Phone: Aastra 6867i

The Mitel Aastra 6867i is a typical standard desk phone with colour LCD screen. The phone provides remarable wide band audio with enhanced speakerphone utilizing dual microphones for richer and clearer handsfree conversation. It includes dual Gigabit ethernet ports and supports both wired and wireless headsets. The 6867i is ideal for receptionist by adding on expansion modules.

Entry Level Phone: Aastra 6863i

The Mitel Aastra 6863i telehone is a fantastic phone for low-use staff members, or common area applications. The 6863i delivers exceptional value with great audio quality. It features 2 line keys with LED and 3 programmable keys.

Mitel Aastra 6863.png