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Unified Communications

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UC is not a marketing buzzword, but a way to envision, organize and synchronize your daily

. Voice, fax, email, texts

. Chat, messaging, instant notification

. Phone, video and web conferencing

. Online apps and social media

. Virtual whiteboards, etc.

As much about strategy as it is technology, UC unites all the disparate parts of communications into one simple-to-use software interface.

When your phone system, internet and communication contact points are integrated, you can better receive and distribute information to the people who need it - fast and coherently - across a variety of devices and platforms.

Let us help you harness the strength and reach of UC to improve your workplace communications - and bottom-line!


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Branch out with a Hosted PBX phone system

Connect multiple offices, or just a few users, with one easy-to-use phone system that ensures your customers never get a busy signal.