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Meet Your NEW Receptionist – Front Desk Assistant

This NEW application, running on NEC’s UT880 smart terminal, integrates our market leading Facial Recognition technology (NeoFace®) with Unified Communications (UC) for visitor check in/out workflow process. Front Desk Assistant offers various features and advanced functionalities that streamlines check in/out processes for visitors at any size organization - including those in various vertical markets.


Features Overview:

  • Offered with NEC’s Market Leading Facial Recognition Technology (NeoFace)
  • 24/7/365 Operation with no days off
  • Records, Greets and Welcomes visitors
  • Photographs and Prints/Issues visitor badges
  • Employee(s) Alerts/Notifications for visitor(s) arrival
  • Remembers Visitors for quicker check-in on their
    next visit and provides easy checkout
  • Manage, Store and Generate reports on-demand of all visitors Historical & Real-Time
  • Prepare, Manage, and Obtain visitor(s)
    signature(s) of routine documents such as non-
    disclosure and/or privacy agreements/policies
  • Integrate seamlessly with NEC’s Unified Communications Platforms
  • Available from Google Play® for Android tablets

Front Desk Assistant

Application Overview



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Step 1:

Visitor first select either Check In or Check Out and take a picture of themselves with the UT880’s/Android Tablet built-in camera.





Step 2:

Next, the image will be sent to NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition database to check for a match. If a match is found and verified, it will auto-populate their contact information. If this is the guest’s first visit and they are not in the NeoFace facial recognition database, they will be asked to agree to have their image and information stored to the facial recognition database. FDA then requests them to enter their basic contact information such as name and company name.

Step 3:

It will then ask them to type in the name of the employee they have come to see, select the name from the directory and then select the type of meeting – Business, Vendor, Interview, or Personal.

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Step 4:

The screen then displays the visitor’s badge to review for accuracy. The visitor simply taps the “Confirm” button and the badge prints out. It even prompts the visitor to collect their badge.

The Front Desk Assistant records all visitor entries and lets you easily download a detailed report in Excel. You are able to keep a history of all visitors, events, including their picture.