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The Strata CIX Family gives your small business, enterprise branch or rerail locations powerful IP capabilities, allowing you to communicate when and where you need to. With the ability to support a mix of IP, digital and analog phones, Strata CIX is ideal for organizations that want to keep using the existing digital phones as long as possible and evlove to IP in phases.


Toshiba phone DP5022.png

Toshiba DP5022

The DP5022 provides 10 programmable buttons for configuring extensions, line appearances, and other feature keys. A 4 line non-backlit display provides users with relevant information such as caller ID and digits dialed. The Toshiba DP5022 has an adjustable four position base that can be used for wall mounting or placing on a desk. A headset jack is included for handsfree communication. Four dynamic soft keys provide quick access to commonly needed features. The Toshiba DP5022 has a speakerphone and the handset is hearing aid compatible for ADA compliance. The volume of both the ringer and the call can be adjusted as needed.

                                             Toshiba DP5032

The Toshiba DP5032 is a 20 button programmable digital display phone designed for the Toshiba CIX phone system. These DP5032 phones feature a four line LCD display, a half duplex speakerphone, and twenty programmable buttons. The Toshiba DP5032 also has a built-in adjustable base for a great ergonomic feel. Each of the Toshiba DP5032 programmable keys provides one touch access to line appearances, call appearances, and other feature access such as direct station selection (DSS). Each of the 20 buttons on the DP5032 offers dual color LED status indicators to let users know of the status of lines and extensions at a glance.



Toshiba phone DP5032.png