ABC Communications

Digital Voice

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ABC is a VSP (Voice Services Provider) and ISP (Internet Service Provider) and uses its position
to assure voice call quality through a single private dedicated IP connection made directly to our network centre and out to the PSTN network creating unprecedented call quality. We can run
over 30 concurrent calls from a single location with no loss of quality and full visual control over
the traffic on our circuit. Due to our architecture, we do not have to ask an ISP to assist troubleshooting any issues - we can monitor, troubleshoot, and ultimately fix the majority of issues that would otherwise wreak havoc on similar cloud based solutions providers that do not insist on dedicated connectivity. We can provide circuits as little as 1 Mbps per second, up to 10 Gbps fibre optic connectivity.


Each of our systems is priced and featured according to our seat-based model. Each organization requires one Site seat - this is the primary seat that embodies your organization as a whole and also includes a dedicated voice circuit for reliability and quality of service. Think of this seat as a virtual PBX - except instead of being in a back room bolted to a wall, it exists in our data centers. That system itself is dedicated just for your organization, and you receive full access to manage it yourself if you wish to, but we do offer this as a co-managed service. With co-managed service, we will take care of any and all requests on your behalf if you don't wish to, don't feel comfortable, or simply don't have the time. We also maintain backups on your behalf, provide realtime redundancy and failover of the system, and keep it always up to date. Its something we like to call "Future Proofing" so you never have to worry about your phone and communications systems ever again!

-Work from anywhere you have internet

-Unlimited North American LD*

-Easy to Install

-Prices starting at $29.95 per month per user

**Installation and Handset Extra

*Alaska, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Puerto Rico and Hawaii not included