ABC Communications

Committed to keep you connected

During this difficult time ABC Communications remains committed to ensuring your home Internet, TV and phone continue to operate to provide you the entertainment and information you need as this situation evolves.  Connectivity is our priority.


Our Offices

For the safety of our employees and customers, all retail locations will be temporarily closed at this time until further notice.  Customers may phone to book an appointment if there is a strong need for in person contact.  We are still available 24/7 by phone at 1 888 235 1174 and email us at or Bill payments are easily done online through online banking or secure credit card payment at our website.

Increasing Internet Speeds

Effective immediately ABC Communications is increasing our minimum internet speeds on all packages to 5Mbps where networks support them.  This will help our customers who are isolating at home to have a better quality of services to access the information and entertainment they need.   There are no additional charges for this speed increase.


Data Caps

All Data caps on DSL and Cable internet packages are removed at this time.  Wireless networks have limited capacity and unfortunately we cannot provide unlimited data on those networks.  This matches the policies of larger telecoms who are offering unlimited data on wired internet services.



We are committed to repairing your connection if you have a service outage at this time.  Non-essential dispatches related to internet speeds may be limited however to reduce staff encounters with customers.  Our customer service staff will be asking you a few questions related to your health and potential contact with COVID-19 carriers to assess risks.  Our field staff will be employing masks, gloves and other measures to ensure their safety.  We also ask that you keep any work areas clean and disinfected for them.