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Machine To Machine (M2M) Communications and the Internet Of Things (IoT)

It's a fact: machines can now communicate for themselves. The continuing wave of mobile devices includes a new lexicon of terms to describe the accelerating shift to the Internet of Things (IoT).

ABC Communications is pleased to release M2M Link for Machine-to-Machine connections. M2M Link is part of our Industrial Internet product family, which also includes Fibre Link and One Link.

M2M Link allows network-ready devices to connect and share real-time data via radio signals: two-way communications monitored and managed remotely to automate processes any time, any place.[1]  Regardless of the type of machine or data, information flows from a machine over the mobile network through a gateway to a system.

Machine To Machine Link 

Given ABC’s province-wide network footprint, expertise with public and private networks, and cellular broadband solutions, M2M Link is a natural extension of our network services. It is an easily installed, wireless solution for self-aware, network-capable thinking devices.

M2M communications are made possible by a device (such as a sensor) attached to a machine to capture events that are relayed to applications. Technical support companies can use an M2M-optimized smart card (like a phone SIM) for Out of Band Management services - an alternative independent communications channel to reach devices or networks which are down.

M2M offers up-to-the-second information and control of a remote device for asset management, content transfer, backup and restore, or maintenance (e.g. IP security cameras, vending machines, video access and control systems, elevator sensors, meters, digital billboards or pallets of product in a warehouse, on a truck, or in a container somewhere in the world).

ABC’s M2M Link enables the sharing of large amounts of data frequently at low cost. Remote monitoring data can be incorporated into customer-relationship management systems for logging service calls and maintenance history. For example, an HVAC service company receives an email for routine maintenance service from a system monitor in another city, or an emergency voice call from building controls, security cameras or an alarm panel. 

Consumer appliances in homes will be able to seamlessly connect to a Smartphone or an on-board Automotive Command Centre. Engineers at a modern manufacturer who have automated systems operating in different locations can now be constantly aware of their operation, based on short messages that are relayed to a pager or cellphone.

If you think your business can realize efficiency gains (saving money, time or costs) and improve productivity and profits by monitoring, measuring, tracking and analyzing machine data at a low price per month, call us today.

Learn how your company can use M2M Link to manage and build more self-aware networks.  

M2M helps make communication seamless and immediate!

ABC Communications is in the Internet of Things business, supplying industrial internet technologies and networking services that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices anywhere in the world.

According to independent wireless analysts, the number of cellular network connections worldwide used for M2M communications will grow to 187 million by 2014.[2]

[1] International M2M Council

[2] Berg Insight