ABC Communications | Mascon by TELUS

TELUS Acquisition FAQ

Q: What changes for customers today?

A: Nothing. ABC Communications is here to support you. At this time all services, prices, bills, support hours and contact information remain the same. You do not need to take any action to keep receiving the same great ABC Communications services.

Q: What does this change for customers in the future?

A: ABC Communications will work with TELUS to offer services to both rural and urban British Columbians. As changes occur, you will be notified via email or website or social media. If you have any questions, please contact your ABC Customer Support Representatives the same as you always have.

Q: Will you continue offering the same products and services you do today?

A: Our services are not changing, at this time. New customers can continue to order services in the areas we support.

Q: Will the cost of my services change?

A: For now, all products, services, prices and billing will remain the same. Any updates on service changes will be well advertised.

A: Will there be any disruption to my services?

A: At this time, no service changes are planned as you will be using the same network you have been previously connected to; although regular upgrades will occur as usual.

Q: Will the way I contact ABC Communications change?

A: No. For the foreseeable future, customers can continue to reach ABC Communications the same as you do today. For general inquiries and support, please call 1-888-235-1174 or email or visit us online at

Q: Can I still upgrade or make changes to my ABC Communications services?

A: Yes. You can always upgrade your current services, subscribe to new services and make changes to your account by contacting ABC Communications.

Q: How do I get in touch with TELUS if I want to discuss more details of the changes?

A: Your best point of contact is still your ABC Communications Customer Support Team at 1-888-235-1174, email or online at