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Wireless Broadband Internet Service

Wireless internet service is a way of delivering fast, reliable internet to your home or business. Our connection to you is through a wireless radio link between our transmitter and a receiver antenna installed at your house. The connection point in your house is the same as for any other internet connection – a LAN port you can connect to your computer, router, or wireless router. Our private networks are secure, reliable and provide you with a high-performance internet connection.

Before installing a wireless antenna / radio at your house, we must perform a site survey to determine whether or not you have a line of sight to our transmitter.

What is a site survey?

Prior to setting you up with our wireless internet service, a site survey is required. Your location needs to have a line of sight to our tower, which is an unobstructed view of the tower or access point from the receiver location.

Line of sight can be blocked by:

  • Buildings
  • Terrain (mountains or ridges)
  • Trees

If your view of our transmitter site is blocked, you might not be able to receive wireless service. Keep in mind that if the ABC transmitter site is not visible from ground level, it may be visible from your rooftop.

In certain circumstances, we can build a tower or other structure to raise the antenna high enough to obtain line-sight.

I can see your transmitter site. Is that enough?

Not quite. In determining line-sight, we must take into account the Fresnel Zone effect. If obstructions such as mountains or buildings are too close to the signal path, they will hamper the radio signal. In other words, the radio path between the transmitter and receiver requires a certain amount of clearance. If your path to the transmitter does not have adequate clearance, your service could be (or could become) unreliable. Often this can be fixed by raising the antenna.

The Fresnel Zone is the area that radio waves spread out into after leaving the antenna. The amount of spreading determines the Fresnel Zone radius, which is the clearance required for the radio path.

If you imagine looking at the radio path from the side, the Fresnel Zone is a football-shaped area between the two antennas. When an object partially blocks this zone, there is some radio signal loss and the signal level at your location is reduced. The severity of the loss depends on the size and nature of the obstructions.

As shown above, the trees are blocking part of the signal. As the trees grow, they could block the entire signal. This can cause frustration for us both and should be monitored to ensure adequate signal levels.

In order to join our private networks, we require minimum signal levels at your location. Our technicians can do a site survey of your location on request. If you would like to do your own site survey, our technicians can help you over the phone.

A strong signal level better ensures a reliable internet connection.