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Check Your Email

Wi-Fi Internet Services

What is WiZone?

WiZone is a fast and convenient way for your customers to use their own laptop or Wi-Fi device to connect to the Internet. ABC Communications provides a quick and reliable Internet connection using the latest in 2.4Ghz wireless technologies. This means your customers are able to stay in touch with family and friends as well as to do everyday tasks such as online banking or surfing the Internet. Anything they would do on a home connection they can do on WiZone!

Is it easy for my customers to use?

Yes! Your customers can simply turn on their laptops, detect a Wi-Fi signal, and open their Internet browser, which automatically takes them to the registration page at This process takes just seconds and there are several package options available for purchase: one-day access, three-day access and thirty-day access.

Is it easy for me to support?

Yes! ABC Communications will give you FAQ sheets to handout to clients that will answer the most common questions, but we also include web addresses, email addresses and phone numbers to ensure your customers have someone to speak to. ABC will do all technical support required and we make every effort to ensure your customers have a great experience when using your facilities and WiZone.

How will my customers know I offer this service?

ABC Communications will provide signage for display throughout your facilites. We will provide window stickers for doors, entrances or offices as well as great looking exterior signage on durable materials. We don’t want you to have to worry about anything!

We also encourage you to tell your customers about WiZone, offering this service is a huge advantage over your competitors! Just let us know your prefered electronic format and we would be happy to provide a logo for your advertising needs.

What do I need to do?

ABC Communications will provide and install all radio and switching hardware and equipment needed to give your facilities the best possible coverage area. We just require the use of an existing phone line to supply the terminating ADSL feed (phone service will not be effected), access to electrical power, as well as access to and permission to install wireless equipment and antenna’s on your premises.