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Managed Home WiFi

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Today’s consumer devices connect to the Internet wirelessly within the home. Did you know that most connectivity issues are not at the Internet access level but at the home WiFi router level?  Did you also know that most customers have older WiFi routers that don’t have the power or latest technology to cover the whole home?

Enter ABC’s Managed Home WiFi.  After extensive testing we have found the best product in this market space for consumers today - the GigaCentre – The Last Router you will ever buy. 

ABC's Managed Home WiFi Features


HD streaming to multiple devices


Blazing fast speeds for gaming


Outstanding range and performance

  • Featuring 802.11ac the latest consumer standard
  • Dual Band 2.4GHz/5GHz to reduce interference
  • MIMO Beam Forming Technology
  • Actively monitored to provide the best experience
  • Detailed Event logs for any troubleshooting required
  • Advanced Troubleshooting of your home network
  • Parental Control functions to allow full control over your devices access
  • Smart Home ready, able to connect more than 100 devices
  • Mesh Capable to expand coverage

Does your home have dead spots today where the internet doesn’t function? Do your kids complain about streaming issues in their bedrooms?  Maybe you want coverage to extend onto your patio and yard.  With the Gigacentre you get best in class wifi coverage and you can also add the Wifi Extender to produce great coverage in areas far from where your router resides.  ABC offers professional in home installations for Managed Wifi to ensure you have the coverage where you need it.  

Our support team can provide far greater troubleshooting with ABC Managed WiFi.  This product does require a small monthly fee to ensure you are up to date with the latest firmware and performing optimally.

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Gigacentre Router

We offer 2 Pricing Options

1) Purchase for $175,  which includes a 2-year warranty* and a monthly management and support fee of $5/month

2) Lease for $15 per month, with no additional management or support fees. 

An $80 fee is charged if you would like a professional installation. Our technicians will work to ensure you have the best placement and configuration for your needs. Includes connecting up to 5 devices to the Gigacentre.

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WiFi Extender

1) Purchase for $150, which includes a 2-year warranty* and a monthly management and support fee of $2 per month.

2) Lease for $10 per month, with no additional management or support fees.

Installation of WiFi Extender during initial setup is covered by $80 professional installation charge.  In most cases adding extender at a later date can be done easily by the user.

Professional Installation at $80 includes our technician working with you to determine your usage cases and optimal placement.  Our technicians will also connect up to 5 devices to the WiFi system for you.

Additional Devices $5 per device setup.

To sign up for Gigacentre today call us at 1 888 235 1174 and speak with customer service.  For questions on this product send us an email at

*Warranty covers general wear and tear but does not extend to physical damage to the router or WiFi extender.  Devices must be plugged into surge protectors to prevent electrical damage.