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CipherTV FAQ

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How does the new CipherTV app update when a new version is released?

We use Google to manage the CipherTV updates. Customers with Google Store account can obtain the updates automatically. For customers with no Google Store account, once new app update is available, the app will auto detect the new version available and prompt users to update.

If you have multiple devices and decide to sell your unit in the open market, will the new user access the original users TV content?

Yes, if you did not clear the data beforehand. To do this, go to the Android settings, Apps, 0-IPTV then click on clear data. You should clear your data before selling the device.


What channels are currently available?

Besides the standard packages we offer there are hundreds of channels and theme packs we are rolling out. Contact us directly if there is a channel you want and we can likely get it for you.

Can I just buy a subscription to your service without the CipherTV hardware?

No.  You must have the CipherTV bar to have an account. We do offer a mobile app version of the bar but the bar is required first in order to access it.

How does a user clear their login information, or re-register as a different user?

The app stores the login info, channel guide and information on the OS itself. Go to the Android Settings, App, select 0-IPTV to clear data, then all temporary data will be deleted and user can log in under a different account or register a new account for someone else.