ABC Communications

Network Status

Scheduled & Unscheduled Outages

ABC's objective is to maintain the highest possible uptime, however from time to time outages do occur.

Sometimes outages are planned such as for equipment upgrades. Other unscheduled outages can be the result of equipment failure, upstream providers outages. Below is a list of current outages.



Location Issue


7:30PM - 01/11/22

Lac des Roche & Bridge Lake Customers in this area may be without service due to a BC Hydro outage Resolved.
7:30PM - 01/11/22 Sheridan Lake Customers in this area may be without service due to a BC Hydro outage.


4:45PM - 01/12/22 Baker Mountain, Kimberly Skihill, Forties Corner, King Street, Thompson, HaHa, Sand Creek, Wardner Community, Wilks (other areas may be affected). Due to ice build up on one of the towers dishes, the Baker Mountain half of the Cranbrook area will be experiencing severly degraded performance. Currently investigating.


Fortis BC and BC Hydro provide their own outages page which can let you know when if the power in your area is down or scheduled to be down. Our technicians are made aware of outages immediately and every effort to restore service as quickly as possible will be employed.

Some outages occur in remote locations and require time to access the sites, so some time may be involved.                

Please be patient.


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