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Check Your Email

Centurion Telecom

Why pay for more air time than you actually use? Our Telecom Specialists can help you avoid expensive roaming charges and voice, text and data overages, track and find lost phones, stop large roaming bills, and much more! Has this got your attention?

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Residential Telephone

Digital telephone service via the internet

Internet telephony refers to communications services such as voice, fax, SMS and voice-messaging apps transported via the internet.

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Voice Link - Telecommunications Services

Telephone systems, professional service and affordable quality products from a company you can trust.

Service and Support

ABC Voice Link is your link to telecommunications.

Our experts offer free advice on a range of issues from your phone bill and telephone system replacement to setting up employee collaboration for maximum productivity.

Challenging times require creative solutions to make your business prosper. Let us help you respond to the challenges your business faces every day with solutions like presence, instant messaging, mobile unified messaging, customized call handling, remote connection, mobility applications, and more!

  • Voice Mail
  • Presence  
  • Call Accounting  
  • DID Direct In Dialing
  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom Call Routing
  • VoIP Voice-over Internet
  • Mobile Unified Messaging
  • Private Instant Messaging
  • Find-Me Follow-Me
  • Hotel / Motel Solutions
  • IP Routing Services
  • ADSL, VoIP, VPNs

Unified Communications

To most organizations, unified communications means creating a more effective business by integrating business applications with people communications. It sounds great in theory, but it’s only meaningful if it provides tangible benefits like improving employee productivity and streamlining business processes to enable you to make better decisions, improve customer service, generate more sales, reduce costs, and improve profits.
  • Still need voicemail?
  • Is your business growing or experiencing change?
  • Do you need your first business phone system?
  • Has your business grown and you need upgrades?
  • Need to unify your messages, emails and alerts?
  • Have you ever had your phone bill audited?
  • Ever lost communication with your mobile workers?

What is VoIP?

Voice-over Internet Protocol, or IP telephony, is a technology that enables you to make ordinary telephone calls over a computer network or the internet. VoIP converts data signals from your telephone into digital signals and sends them in packets over the internet.

Multi-location Integration

Today, companies with multiple locations use VoIP technology to reduce or eliminate long-distance costs, including remote or home-based employees on their enterprise calling systems, or to enable these remote employees to retain a company extension as if they were working on-site.

Mobility Solutions

Connect anywhere! Missed calls and opportunities are a thing of the past from easy access to voicemail and your company operator - to being able to take full advantage of your telephone system’s key calling features from almost anywhere.

Real People

That’s right! When you call for support, you speak directly to real people - knowledgeable, ready and able to help! With decades of combined technician experience in telecommunications, our professionals provide the communication solutions and customized services you deserve.

Flexible Growth

Do you need a system that lets you grow when you need to - and add VoIP when you want to?

Our systems are flexible and designed to maintain your investment as you grow. From small businesses with a few users to large enterprises of more than 500, we have the capability to improve your productivity. We are proud of the wide range of private businesses and public sector organizations that we have installed and maintained services through the years. Sectors include hospitality, hotels/motels, resources, industrial, school and regional districts, and many SMBs (small/medium businesses) throughout BC.


Digital phones are designed to give you plenty of options and features so your business telephone equipment adapts to you and not the other way around.

Advanced digital speakerphones have intuitive buttons and features designed to make your telephone an extension of how you work - pure digital clarity whether you’re using the handset or speakerphone.

The ability to program functions makes accessing features as easy as pushing a button. For busier call environments, choose a digital display speakerphone, giving you a mini-command centre right on your telephone’s large, easy-to-read display. You’ll have easy access to an extensive feature set for taking, saving, forwarding and managing calls, helping you work smarter, minimize training time and dramatically enhance your productivity.