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Check Your Email

Digital Phone Service Provider

ABC Communications is pleased to offer an alternative to home telephone services.

Voice Link - Residential Telephone Service 

Digital telephone service via the internet

Internet telephony refers to communication services such as voice, fax, SMS and voice-messaging applications that are transported via the internet.

From your internet

Digital Telephone Using Internet 
Through your digital-to-analog adaptor

Digital-Analog Adaptor For Digital Telephone 
To your telephone

Digital Phone Service Through Internet 



As an internet-based telephone service, ABC Voice Link - Residential Digital Telephone Service has many advantages:

  • Most of the features on a land line telephone service
  • Low long distance rates
  • Three plans to choose from
  • 411
  • 911
  • Reliable service you can count on for one low price
  • Low monthly rate includes lots of extras to meet your every need