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Check Your Email

Digital Telephone Services And Features

Anonymous Caller ID

You can put your number on an Anonymous Mode so that all outgoing phone calls will show your number as “Blocked caller ID” to the other party.
To activate ACB – Press *81
To de-activate – Press * (the star button only)

Block Caller ID

This feature allows the you to block your caller ID information to the number you are calling.
To toggle Block Caller ID on/off – Press *81

Call Back

You can dial the last incoming number to call you.
To call last number incoming number – Press *69

Call Blocking

You have a limited blocking ability. You can only block the last received calling number.
To block the last number that called you – Press *60
To unblock this number- Press *80

Call Hold

 You can place a phone call on hold using your telephone.
To put someone on hold – Press the hook/flash button
To take the incoming call off hold or switch between calls again press the hook/flash button.
Or hang up, the phone will ring back to let you know you have a call on hold.

3-Way Calling

You may place a second call while the first call is on hold.
Place the first party on hold – using the hook/flash button
Listen for a dial tone then call the second party – once the connection is established then press the hook/flash button to connect all parties. You and the 2 other called parties.

Call Return on Busy

If you dial a number that is busy, you can program the ATA to repeatedly dial the number and notify you when the number you called is free.
To activate Call Return on Busy – Press *66
To de-activate – Press *86

Call Waiting

Allows the you to receive an incoming call while on an active call. While on a call when an incoming call comes through, a call waiting tone will be heard on the phone. To answer the incoming call press the flash button on the phone, or momentarily put the phone on the hook by pressing the receiver button.
To activate this feature for all calls – Press * 56
To de-activate for all calls – Press *57

Call Waiting Caller ID

Displays Caller ID information for incoming secondary phone call
To activate this feature – Press *25
To de-activate – Press * 45

Do Not Disturb

You can put your phone on a “Do Not Disturb” mode where all your incoming phone calls will silently ring through to your voice mail. To activate DND – Press * 78
To de-activate DND – Press *78

Speed Dialing

You can configure up to 8 speed dialing entries which they can access by dialing a feature code on your keypad. 

To set a speed dial number: - Press *74
then enter dial the speed dial number you wish to use (2 - 9), then dial the number you wish to assign to the speed dial number you chose. After dialing press the ( #) key or wait until you hear two short beeps.

To use the speed dial number:- Press the speed dial number of your assigned (2 – 9) of your assigned speed dial followed by (#) key.

Voice Mail (Basic)

Basic Voice Mail allows you to receive vociemail through your telephone similar to landline telephone companies.
Please see Voice Mail Guide (Basic) on how to set up your Voice Mail.

Voice Mail (Enhanced):Enhanced Voice Mail is sent through your email.  Just open the attachment and listen to your voice mail from your computer.

Please see Voice Mail Guide (Enhanced) on how to set up your Voice Mail.