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Check Your Email

Terms of Service

As an internet based telephone service there are a few limitations that you need to be aware of. (especially if you are using this service as your primary home telephone service)

  • ABC Voice Link Residential Digital Telephone Service needsHigh Speed Internet to work. Therefore if your internet is down so is your phone service.
  • ABC Voice Link Residential  needs Powerto work, so your service (including the ability to dial 911) may be unavailable during a power failure or broadband Internet outage. ABC's Voice Link Residential's 911 service has certain limitations as well compared with traditional 911 and E911. Please carefully read the 911 Limitation section for details. When you dial 911 using ABC Voice Link Digital Residential Service you will be connected to an intermediate operator. 
  • This operator will ask that you confirm your location and will then transfer you to the emergency services agency that serves the area you have identified. When calling for emergency help, you must be prepared to confirm your location and call-back number with the operator. This is particularly important if you have moved your Voice Link device to a location other than your registered service address. For this reason we have set up access to allow you to update the address associated with your Voice Link box, when you login to your calling history.  You can view and update your address as needed. In the event that you cannot speak, the operator may assume you are located at the address you registered with your Voice Link service provider. 
  • Therefore, you are responsible for the accuracy of this information and to ensure you have updated whenever you move  your Voice Link telephone service. You may either login in to your account info to update your service address. You can also call or email ABC COMMUNICATIONS to have your service address updated
  • Should you wish to discontinue your service you are responsible for the return of the ABC Voice Link Digital device to ABC.
  • If you call 911, stay on the line until instructed to hang up; call back if you get disconnected. You must ensure that you understand the 911 limitations of your Voice Link Residential Telephone Service and that other potential users are made aware of these limitations.
  •  Voice Link Residential Telephone Service may not be compatible with some security systems. You may be required to maintain a telephone connection through your local exchange carrier to use any alarm security system with monitoring functions. You are responsible for contacting your alarm company to determine the compatibility of their alarm monitoring or security system services.