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Check Your Email

Commcenter for VoIP Web Interface & Enhanced Voice Mail

With the new Commcenter, you will have a web-based interface to the world of VoIP, which enables you to take advantage of the features a VoIP network can provide.

The Commcenter is simple and easy to use, and offers call logs, voicemail integration, profile management and much more!

Below shows you how to get started using your Commcenter. Enjoy!

System Requirements

Commcenter For Enhanced Voicemail

To make full use of the Commcenter, you should have the following:

  • Internet service
  • Multimedia PC or MAC
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or better; Netscape Navigator 4.7 or better
  • Connect to Commcenter
  • Activation information
  • Your activation email from your personal email account

Your activation email contains your VoIP Phone Number / Username, Password, a link to the Web Interface and documentation.

Web Interface Link: 

The Commcenter Interface connects to the Web Interface.

Connect to Commcenter

Step 1

Open your internet browser. This can be Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera or any other Javascript-capable browser.

When your browser has loaded, enter the following into the address bar of your browser:

VOIP Phone Management LoginStep 2

From the activation email, enter your VoIP number in the required field.

Enter your assigned numeric voicemail password in the password field.

VOIP Call LogCall Log – Main Page

This is the first page presented after a successful login to the Commcenter.

This page shows the Call Log consisting of missed, outgoing, and incoming calls. Each call should indicate a phone number, time, duration, and charge, which can be sorted alpha-numerically.

The features of the Commcenter are divided between tabbed links such as the Call Log.

Also listed are the Voicemail and Call Preferences tabs, providing various features depending on whether you are a Basic or Enhanced voicemail subscriber.

Near the top right corner, the page displays some account information. Above this is a Profile/Service tab, which currently allows you to view and change some profile options.

Voicemail Tab In You VOIP AccountVoicemail

The Voicemail tab takes you to a listing of voicemails available only to an Enhanced Voicemail subscriber. If you are a Basic Voicemail subscriber, you will not see the same image, but rather a greyed-out page showing the feature is not available.

A download link is available for each voicemail message, supplying a .wav audio file which can be played using audio software of your choice, including Windows Media Player or iTunes.

You may store a maximum of 50 messages at 3 minutes per voicemail.

You may also delete any selected voicemail messages from this page. To do this, click on the selection box located at the far right of each voicemail you wish to delete, then click ‘Delete Selected’.

Call Preferences TabCall Preferences

This page has three sub-sections with varying available options based on whether you're an Enhanced or Basic Voicemail subscriber.

The Call Forwarding section is only available to Enhanced Voicemail subscribers and allows you to choose an option between the unconditional, busy/unavailable, and no answer scenarios.

If you choose to forward calls to a phone number, the text box right of the scenario will become available and you may type in a number. (Numbers only. Other characters may be rejected).

Voicemail Profile/Services TabProfile/Services

Clicking on the Profile/Services tab will bring up a page showing your account Address, Email, Timezone, Product and Billing summaries.

Where the Product and Billing summaries are viewable only, the page does allow you to change your account email address and time zone.

There is also a link to 'Change Address' which allows you to do that, but you need to be aware that this address is the address used with 911 services and should reflect where your VoIP device is located.

VOIP Device Activation InformationDialing into Voicemail

Locate your activation email. This message contains your default voicemail password.

To access your mailbox from your own Internet Voice Gateway, dial *40 (star, four, zero).

To access your mailbox from any other Internet Voice Gateway, dial *42 (star, four, two).

To access your mailbox from any other remote phone, dial your DID followed by pressing * during the voicemail greeting.

Voicemail Menu TreeVoicemail Menu Tree

From your phone adapter, dial *40 (star, four, zero).

Enter your voicemail password or, from another phone adapter, dial *42 (star, four, two).

Enter the VoIP telephone number, and then your voicemail password.