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Check Your Email

Vaya Content Management System (CMS)

The old version of this page was so 'techy' we barely understood it. It must have been written during a full moon or something. Sorry about that.

We use technology to build websites. I know, go figure. The technology we use is called a CMS. All that means is that you can edit your own website (only if you want to).

The specific CMS we use is called Vaya. Vaya has a whole library of extra functionality that we can add-on: calendars, photo galleries, contact forms, and much more. We think Vaya is a great system and we would be happy to show it to you if you contact us.

Of course, once the website is up, you are on your own and you are never allowed to speak to us again. Naw, just kidding. We provide full support and training for Vaya CMS and you can feel free to call or email us at anytime. We are always available during normal business hours. We won't even charge you anything extra to give you a quick hand with your Vaya website!

What is the bottom line, you ask? Most of our customers pay us between $60 and $100 per month on a 3 year contract for a Vaya CMS website.